Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Further in Fifty

In September of 1950, the first Chinese juror, Jack Chan, served on jury duty.

On October 2, Clarence Wallace was sworn in as B.C.'s first lieutenant governor, succeeding Charles Arthur Banks.

October 2, 1950 was also the day that the comic strip Peanuts appeared.

Captain "Gerry" Lancaster wrote a history of the port of Vancouver, reported the Province newspaper on November 8, 1950. That recorded history can be found at the Vancouver Public Library, call number NW 387.1 L24p.

The West Vancouver Memorial Library opened on November 11, 1950. There was an earlier library, which opened in 1921, but it had closed during the depression.

Also in November, Surrey residents, Sargit Singh and Bob Bose, won the Canadian championship in potato judging at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

1950 was also the year that the Japanese were allowed to return to Vancouver.

Hugh Pickett and his partner Holly Maxwell took over the management of Famous Artists Ltd in 1950. Pickett eventually bought out Maxwell and ran the company until 1982 when he sold it to Jerry Lonn of Seattle.

Irving House was purchase by the City of New Westminster in 1950. Formerly the residence of Captain Irvin and his family, the city turned the home into a historic centre. It is still being used as such today. (I will have to get out there this summer and write about it.)

1,200 homes were connected to the new, modern sewage plant in White Rock.

Surrey began having zoning problems as businesses, industry, farmers and residents started to see their interests colliding with others. It was necessary to establish a town planning committee at City Hall.

The Vancouver Sun established Camp Gates on Bowen Island for its paper carriers. It was named after the circulation manager, Herb Gates.

Thirteen kilometres of a double-lane road to the top of Mount Seymour was completed.

The first diesel train came to White Rock. The residents would set their watch by the three trains that arrived at 9 am, 1 pm and 9 pm.

Thanks to The History of Metropolitan Vancouver website for the above information.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

Karen Magill


  1. Growing pains. Love the flowers and ornaments in people's yards. Nevada has strict rules of what can be in one's yard. Nice job Karen.