Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Heather Pavilion

Recently, I went for blood tests at a lab on Broadway. I had a two hour wait before I had to go back and get the second part done so I walked behind the building with the lab, where it was quieter and I could talk on the phone. That's when I found this.

This building I am showing you was originally built from 1903 to 1906 and designed by architects by Grant and Henderson. 

Originally, this was known as the Fairview building, it was the first building located on Vancouver General Hospital's new location on Fairview Ridge. Later, the structure was renamed the Heather Pavilion and it was a landmark and the hospital's most celebrated building until the construction of the Centennial Pavilion in 1958.

Heather Pavilion features four granite towers, topped with a cupola and is a Romanesque style structure.

An interesting note concerns one of the architects. The architect, George William Grant also designed the Carnegie Library at the corner of Main and Hastings Street in 1903 as well as many of the buildings in New Westminster. He was also Vancouver's first resident architect.

You may have noticed that I missed Monday's entry. I am starting a mentor/life coaching business and it is taking a lot of my time. There are times when, unfortunately, I won't have the time or energy to write the blog.

However, I am not giving up on the Vancouver Vagabond. Sometimes I may not be able to write on a regular basis but I still have lots more Vancouver history to tell you!

I hope you find the beauty around you.


  1. If I am not mistaken the heather pavilion was moved at some point from one side of the street to the other