Friday, November 21, 2014

The High Drive

In 2002, there were by-law officers who ticketed any establishments that hosted dancing to live music - they were called the 'dancing police' and the merchants whose patrons to the music were understandably upset.

I don't know the reasoning for this but perhaps it has something to do with the noise by-law. I do know that the theme music to 'Footloose' is running through my head right now and I am seeing Kevin Bacon dancing on the drive!

The Drive gained national attention in late 2004 when the media complained several cafes were openly selling marijuana.

On  September 9, 2004,  one such cafe - Da Kine - was raided. The owner, Carol Gwilt, was arrested and sent to jail.

Da Kine Cafe opened in May of 2004, selling cannabis and hash to anyone who signed a form to join. (I read one report that said Gwilt only sold a small amount of pot to those over 19.) Carol ran her business with the help of volunteers and other activists. It was a public shop, reputable and neighbouring business claimed the Da Kine Cafe was an asset to them.

However, the B.C. Solicitor General was known to be opposed to cannabis and anti-prohibition demonstrations. It is surmised that, in an effort to please American law enforcement agencies, the Solicitor General called for unnecessary force to raid the cafe.

Gwilt was sentenced to 15 months in prison but was released on parole after six.

I think that Carol Gwilt may have just been a bit ahead of her time. Now there are medical marijuana clinics open on The Drive and I read one report in which a former solicitor general states that pot will probably be legal in the next five years.

In the past, I have covered a few of the festivals held on The Drive. Events like Car-Free Days, Italian Day and other activities bring the rest of the city - and many others - to our little neck of the woods.  Sometimes The Drive can be a lot of fun.

When I first moved here, I was told by someone a person could have a meal from every continent in one block on the Drive. I don't know if it is that easy but close!

Thanks to Wikipedia for the information on The Drive and to Cannabis Culture Marijuana Magazine for the information on Carol Gwilt.

I hope you find the beauty around you.


  1. Is pot illegal in Canada or okay with prescription? Drugs like Pot are legal in some states as long as you have a prescription and one state is falling into ruin because most everyone in that state uses drugs. Hardly anyone works.

    1. They have relaxed the rules on marijuana and it is legal with a prescription. Of course, getting a prescription doesn't seem to be that difficult either! It is on its way to being legal.

  2. Here as well. I don't want to see those people who are ill be denied a drug that can ultimately make their life a bit more easy but I'd hate to see all drugs legalized.