Monday, June 30, 2014

The Work of the Sheriff

The BCSS work at special deployments as well. During the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, the sheriffs were part of an Integrated Security Unit. They work alongside other law enforcement officials with duties such as site assessment and preparation, threat assessments, operational planning, VIP protection detail and general patrol of secure venues, sites and athlete villages.

During long weekends, the BCSS will work alongside the police with the intention of keeping the public orderly and safe.
There are also specialized units in the BCSS. The Integrated Threat Assessment Unit (ITAU) assess threats towards government and public officials as well as work with other law enforcement to gather, assess and manage intelligence. These sheriffs also manage and assist with operational planning. 

Then there is the Protective Operations Unit (POU) is in charge of the protection of individuals who may be in danger due to the nature of their work. Or perhaps these  people have been threatened. The POU will conduct infrastructure and vulnerability assessments, personal protection, transport operations, residential, site, and special event protection.

There are also specialized units to execute outstanding warrants on fugitives from other provincial jurisdictions and, using the Con Air program, these sheriffs will escort the person to the jurisdiction they are wanted in. Of course, the BCSS will return wanted people to jurisdictions in BC too.

The Sheriff Provincial Operations Centre (S.P.O.C.) is the home for the provincial radio communications and dispatch centre for the BCSS. You will also discover that the S.P.O.C. is the centralized hub for Canadian Police Information Centre (C.P.I.C.) operations for the BCSS. S.P.O.C.

The S.P.O.C. is also responsible for the provincial fleet operations (P.F.O.) and manages the Sheriff's Fugitive Return Program planning and deployments.

The fugitive return program is funded by the Civil Forfeiture within the BC Government. Under the program members of BCSS work alongside other B.C. Law Enforcement partners to remove persons with outstanding warrants from other Canadian provinces and return the wanted persons to the province of jurisdictions.

I would like to thank Wikipedia for the information on the BCSS.

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  1. Very interesting pictures. Your forrest has some unique pictures. Such harmony in nature. Great pics and story was interesting. It is interesting to see what different people do in police work.

    1. I am so glad you found the photos interesting Lee. I didn't know what to take photos of while I was walking through there! Remember when I posted that the BCSS take their training at the Justice Institute? I am going there on Wednesday for my Toastmasters meeting. I am going to go early and get some photos of the grounds.

  2. Excellent. Will you be doing a follow up on the building with your photos?

    1. If I can find enough information on the building I will.