Friday, March 28, 2014


Wednesday, I told you about the conference - I should say un-conference - I went to last weekend. Today, I want to tell you a little of how this came to be.

You may have heard about TED Talks and the awesome work they do with inspiring attendees. In 2008, a group of friends got the idea to crash the TED event in Monterrey, California. This group wanted to have meaningful interactions with some of the prominent speakers at TED. However, somewhere along the line, this group of individuals realized they could make a bigger impact by holding their own event.

So, in the space of two weeks, these people booked plane tickets, booked a small venue, invited speakers from TED and got advertising. BIL was born.
The magic began to happen with that first event. It was a free, interactive and entertaining experience in which everyone who attends is expected to help out in some way. Not only does that help with the running of BIL but it is a way for the attendee to feel a part of the event and maybe even more connected. I know that I felt - and still feel - a certain amount of pride that I was part of #BIL2014 in Vancouver.

In the seven years since that first BIL event, the un-conference has followed TED, opening the event after TED closes. It is a way that the people who may not be able to afford attending the TED Talks can still be exposed to ideas and maybe even TED speakers.

I don't want to go into which event is better not only because I haven't been to a TED event but also because I am totally in love with the BIL un-conference. I want to hurry up and get wealthy so I can travel the world and volunteer - and speak - at BIL events everywhere. LOL We all have to have our dreams.

There were so many people involved in this event that I can't thank them all. I can't even mention everyone. The cloudy photo above is of a woman who was instrumental in organizing the speakers - and that was a job that enveloped her, I think. Thank you for your help Kristin Piljay, I really appreciate and admire what you did to get this event going smoothly.

Bradley Shende, a Vancouver organizer. Thank you. It is an honour and a privilege to have worked with you on this and I hope to continue in future years.
Me and Derrick. Derrik is a volunteer who was great at greeting people and making them feel welcome. It was almost as if he had a psychic connection and knew what each person needed to feel a part of the event. Thank you Derrik. 

Cody from Texas. One of the founders of BIL and a man of extreme patience! Thank you.
Michael Cummings. Also a founder of BIL and from Texas. He is another sweet guy and I am so honoured to have met him. Thank you.

There are so many other people involved with the event that I can't name them all. I thank all my new friends and hope to continue the 'magic' in the future.

I want to thank the BIL Conference website for the information on the history of the organization.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

To end this entry, I am going to show you numerous photos of people I met at BIL.


  1. I must have missed some place in your blog that tells the meaning of BIL so can you humor me and repeat what it means? Thanks!

    1. I never stated what it means. I asked Michael Cummings and he said it doesn't really mean anything. Remember Keanu Reeves and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?

  2. Karen, I'm So Proud Of You!! You Are Beautiful, Inside And Out.