Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This is a Crafstman style home at 2439 Eton Street, and a fine example of one. Builder-contractor Andrew Berquist who was also responsible for numerous other local buildings such as 2457 and 2487 Eton and an apartment building at 2598 Eton built it in 1911.

The ownership of this home passed on to Berquist's son, Art, who was also a contractor and the house remained in the family until 2000.

This house has been kept in exceptional condition with a multitude of original details. The decorative brackets, den-tilled barge boards, stained glass, curved balcony recess and original dark stained interior remind visitors of the beauty of years gone by.

This is another building built by Berquist - 2598 Eton Street - also built in 1911.

It is known as Park Grocery. Before the city adopted its usage-restricting zoning bylaw, corner grocery stores were common in our residential areas.

The majority of today's neighbourhood grocery stores are operated by Chinese Canadians, who entered this field after having monopolized local truck gardening.

This bay windowed, 3-storey clap board building has suites above the shop that was originally called the Beacon Hill Grocery. This store served the East Hastings area, which is an extension of the former Hastings Townsite. The district developed rapidly with the extension of the street car lines along McGill Street shortly after 1910.

For the information I relayed on the buildings I have to thank the plaque outside the Berquist house and bob_2006 at The photos you are seeing today are ones I have taken.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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  1. Another beautiful visit to Vancouver and her amazing history - thanks, Linda! :)

  2. You can find similar types if houses in Massachusetts. I lived in the third story of a corner grocery shop. I love the old architect of that period. I probably should have have been an architect for as much as I love the work. Nice job.