Friday, December 21, 2012

Year End

This may be the wrong time of year to show this poster from around 1919 but I thought it was amusing. Booze or kissing some of those women - wonder which one many men decided to do? Thank you Mommy and your friend Wes for the photo.

It is December 21 and if the world hasn't ended then hop on over and get a copy of Digitus 233 which was released today! I got my copy now go get yours.Here's the link!

On December 24, 25 and 26th I am offering you a special gift. Two of my eBooks are being sold at 99 cents for those three days.

The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story.

A woman, Laura Neill, in Vancouver is struck by a Chrysler Intrigue while crossing the street. At the same time in Toronto a car also strikes Julian Rule. Both people have an out of body experience and meet as they are floating. Their ethereal forms bond as one before separating - each taking a part of the other’s soul with them as they return to their bodies.

When the two people wake up, they remember the experience they shared and have memories of each other. The simultaneous accidents created a psychic bond. They are truly soul mates. Although Laura is haunted by visions of Julian that she cannot understand, she has decided to make dramatic changes in her life. One of them is becoming engaged to a member of England’s nobility that has recently appeared in her life. When he senses that she is in danger – a feeling that is confirmed by a psychic friend – Julian goes to Vancouver to come to her aid. With the help of a detective, Julian is able to prove that Laura’s fiancĂ© is a con artist and a murderer. When Julian confronts the man, he and Laura are placed in imminent danger.

If you have read Missing Flowers, this is the book where Julie the psychic is first introduced. It is also currently being looked at by a movie producer in Toronto. Here's the US link

Mystique Rising  also known as Let Us Play, A Rock 'n Roll Love Story in paperback.

In a bloody showdown during a Mystique concert, the government ended rock music. The members of Mystique disappeared - as many musicians before them had -without a trace.

This drives fans underground and they form the rebel group, the Let Us Play Organization. Presently Kaya More, who is the daughter of a slain LUPO founder, as well as a descendant of a member of Mystique, leads LUPO.

The gift of second sight aids Kaya as she leads the rebels from New York City to California to the Canadian Rockies. Once LUPO joins forces with other outlaws from around the world, the rebellion explodes and a showdown between the oppressors of music and fans is inevitable.

This is an exciting story and I loved writing it. The US link for that book is here.

I hope you decide to take advantage of these offers.

Sam Bass was born on a Winnipeg farm on April 25, 1915. Sam graduated from U. of Manitoba in 1939 and then served as a RCAF pharmacist in WWII. Bass was on his way to California when he stopped in Vancouver and didn't leave.

In 1945, Sam obtained a loan and  bought Schoff's Drug Store at Main and Union. He renamed it London Drugs. This son of Kiev area immigrant farmers was a pioneer in his field and created the first modern drug store in B.C. and the first pharmacy counter. He was also a strong supporter of Jewish charities and community affairs. Sam Bass died in Vancouver on November 8, 1990.

This is my last entry for 2012 and I want to take this moment to thank all of you who visit the Vancouver Vagabond, who take the time to read and to sometimes comment. Your visits and comments make writing this blog even more precious. I am happy that I am able to bring a bit of my beautiful city and its history to your eyes.

2012 has been an incredible year for me and my writing career. At times I have to stop and wonder if it is all real. I know that with your support and more hard work, that 2013 will be even better.

Please join me on January 7, 2013 for more photos and history. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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