Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Still in '42

There are a few tidbits to 1942 that I haven't told you yet so that is what I am doing today.

In 1942, The Workmen's Compensation Board opened a rehabilitation centre in Vancouver in order to treat injured workers. During the last three months of that year, an average of 262 workers were treated daily at the centre.

The Ovaltine Cafe opened in 1942. It is located at 251 East Hastings and the interior has remained intact with varnished woodwork, booths, mirrors and a coffee counter. The show 'DaVinci's Inquest' featured the cafe quite often so if you happen to have a chance to see the show, you might get a glimpse of this Vancouver fixture.

The Shriner's Gizeh Temple was moved from Victoria to Vancouver.

Masumi Mitsui had won the medal for bravery during World War I. Despite this, he and his family were moved from their chicken farm in Port Coquitlam - it was taken away by the government - and forced to move to an internment camp.

1942 was the year that many people from the Prairies began to arrive in Vancouver. The Prairies were slower to recover from the depression and the people came here to fill jobs left vacant by the internment of the Japanese-Canadians.

The fishing industry was declared an essential service during the war. This meant that those working in that industry were exempt from conscription. Convicts were released to help work the fishing boats.

Much of the strawberry crop in 1942 was lost due to the interment of the Japanese-Canadian farmers.

Commercial blueberry farming began in Pitt Meadows though.

Baseball's Athletic Park was renamed Capilano Stadium. Athletic Park was dedicated in 1913.

Burnaby came out of the receivership it had been forced into during the Depression.

"Mr. Port Moody", John Murray Jr. died. Murray had named the streets of the municipality and his father was the area's first settler.

Thanks once again to the History of Metropolitan Vancouver Website for the information.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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