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As you can see, this is the Vernon Apts on Hastings Street. The one I was telling you about on Wednesday. It was built in 1920.

Every time I do a search on Red Robinson, I find more webpages and more information. For conflicting dates, I post the ones on Red's website since I figure that Red would know the dates.

As I stated on Wednesday, Red kind of retired in 2001 although his radio show still broadcast on 650 CISL on Sunday mornings. In 2007, Red made the jump from AM to the FM dial for the first time with the radio station 1049 FunFm.

In 2011, the radio show, the Red Rock Diner returned to its home of 650 AM from noon to 4 on Sundays. Hmm. I think it is time for me to listen to the radio again!

I have mentioned some of the awards the Robinson has won but there are more.

In 1956, a Province newspaper poll named Red as Disc Jockey of the Northwest.
In 1969, the B.C. Association of Broadcasters named him Broadcast Performer of the Year.
It was in 1981 that the Canadian Association of Broadcasters inducted Red into the CAB Quarter-Century Club.
He received two awards in 1991. One was the Record Magazine's second inductee to its Broadcaster Hall of Fame and the other was the North Vancouver Centennial Award "100 Distinguished Citizens".
In 1992, the Government of Canada recognized Red's achievements and he became the recipient of "Canada 125" Achievement Medal.
1994 was the year he was appointed a "Vancouver Museum Honorary Ambassador" on its centennial.
The "Entertainment Hall of Fame" inducted Red into his halls and his name in "STARWALK".
And I have already mentioned the "Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame" in Cleveland, Ohio.

Red has hosted the Timmy's Christmas Telethon since its inception and on the 11th Annual telethon, the B.C. Lions' Society for Children with Disabilities named one of the Easter Seal house after him. This was done in honour of Robinson helping to raise over $22 million up to 1988.

Another report I read from states that Robinson has received twenty awards from the BC Lions' Society for Children with Disabilities and has helped to raise over $75 million for the charity from 1976 to 1996.

In 1988, he was proclaimed founding president of NABS (National Advertising Benevolent Society), West Coast Chapter. This society represents the entire advertising community on the West Coast.

Robinson served as director of the Broadcast Executive Society - B.E.S. Western and as a Director of the West Coast Chapter of CARAS.

A scholarship was established in Red Robinson's name at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. This scholarship provides an annual reward to a needy student looking for a career in broadcasting.

This building on Commercial Drive was built in 1928.

Are you getting tired yet? Reading all the accomplishments of people like Red Robinson and Terry David Mulligan and others like them have made me aware of a very important fact. In order to gain just a smidgen of their success, I got to work my butt off! (Which is fine because my butt should be smaller anyway! LOL)

To honour Red, his career achievements and his humanitarian efforts, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation opened the Red Robinson Show Theatre at the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam. This is a beautiful, 1100-seat theatre that can be used for a variety of purposes.

The acts the theatre attracts are spectacular. Whoopi Goldberg, Air Supply, Joe Walsh, the Charlie Daniels Band and many others. Nazareth has played there a few times and in 2008 I saw one of my favourite acts, Poison, perform there.

Have you enjoyed my three-day look at one of North America's music pioneer's? Whenever I decide to look into someone like this, I am fascinated by the little details I discover - some of which never make it into a blog entry. I also look at what they have done to become the  successes they are. As I said, I gotta work harder! (and smarter.)

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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