Monday, July 9, 2012

Elegant Naked Ladies

Last year I walked to 31 West Pender to take photos of the Pender Hotel. Built in 1913 for Storey and Campbell as a residential building, the original names was the Palmer Rooms. It was under construction so I went back recently and got photos of the revised building.

The developers were Jonathon Storey and Roderick Campbell Jr.-the owners of Storey and Campbell Co. The company had a large distribution warehouse around the corner on Beatty Street.

Designed by W.T. Whiteway and built by local contractors, Campbell and Wilkie, the Pender Hotel featured shallow light wells on either side that allows natural light to enter the building. The structure featured steel columns with fire resistant wood millork floors.

The owners of the building spent extra on detail in order to attract a higher class clientele.  

The Pender Hotel stayed in the Storey family until 1946. Chinese-Canadian Lai Hing purchased the hotel, lived in it and ran it as the Wingate Hotel.

I don't know how much of the interior was rebuilt. As you can see, last year only the front facade remained. .

Built in 1912, this apartment building's original name was MT. Stephen Block Apartments. It is now called the Quebec Manor and is a housing co-op.

The yellow and red brick exterior combined with the wrought iron balconies and bay windows lend an elegant air to the building. The interior is apparently just as regal.

Townsend and Townsend designed this four-story building. The architects made use of the red brick patterns and the Grecian style pediment (triangular gable). The interior design is simple as well. It is finished in light yellow and white with stairs being the only access to the upper floors. There are eight units per floor and each unit door features attractive moldings and small sculptures. 

Notice the sculptures of the naked woman at the entrance? Today that wouldn't even cause a raised eyebrow but in 1912? How risqué!
I hope you find the beauty around you.
These last two photos are of the grounds at Quebec Manor. I have more photos of the flowers, which will appear another time.

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