Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oddly Interesting

This building is at the corner of East 1st and Commercial Drive - a very busy intersection. It was built in 1912 and was then known as Crawford  Block.

On March 1, 1928 Capt. W.D. 'Davey' Jones died. Jones was the first appointed to fire the Nine O' Clock Gun at Stanley Park at 9:00 pm every night. The time that Jones died? 9:00 pm. If you are interested in learning more about the Nine O'clock Gun, please refer to this previous entry.

Alderman J.D. Graves of the street planning committee decided in 1928 to change Union Street's name. He chose Adanac, which is Canada spelt backwards. The name was changed and to this day Vancouver has an Adanac street.

A British politician opened the New Westminster exhibition. The name of this politician? Winston Churchill.

The Barnet Lumber Mill in Burnaby was the largest mill in the world in 1930.
No Drone No. 5H was a hen from the Whiting Farm in Surrey that made history in 1930. She laid 357 eggs in 365 days. No Drone was preserved after death and her stuffed self was put on display at the World Poultry Congress in Rome.
Canadian history has been made in Vancouver a few times. In 1931 the first baseball game played under lights took place at Athletic Park on July 3.
This building was constructed in 1912 and is on Commercial Drive.
This is an interesting story. In 1931, as many of you may know, the Vancouver International Airport opened. The airport's designer, William Templeton, designed Cowley Crescent, which is a road that surrounds the first terminal. Templeton took a pencil and drew it around a light bulb he had placed on the plans. To this day it still looks like a bulb from the air.
When something of the magnitude of an international airport opens, dignitaries are often invited to tour the facilities or in this case be taken by plane into the air to see what it looked like from that angle. A well-known alderman, whose name is not mentioned, became airsick and threw up in the police chief's hat.
Further down Commercial Drive we have this place which was built in 1908. Nice t-shirt shop, I bought my parents custom-made shirts here for Christmas last year.
According to the Province on August 2, 1931 one of out of every 300 BC citizens was insane. Hmm.
In 1931 Charlie Crane was accepted to UBC. He became the first blind person accepted to a Canadian University. What is even more impressive is that Crane was also deaf.
To get the above facts I visited the History of Metropolitan Vancouver website and the oddities section. The information on the buildings comes from Bob's_2006's photostream on Flickr.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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