Wednesday, January 18, 2012

William Ferriman Salsbury

In 1887 the first trans-continental train pulled into Vancouver. Aboard that train was an official of the CPR, William Ferriman Salsbury. (I read another report that said Salsbury arrived in Port Moody on July 4, 1886. I don't know which one is right - I wasn't there)

Salsbury was born on February 16, 1847 in Surrey England and came to Canada in 1870. He worked with the railway from 1861 and was a manager of Grand Trunk Railway of Canada.

In 1881 Salsbury left his position with the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada and took a position in the financial department of Canadian Pacific Railway. He worked with the CPR Pacfic Division from 1886 until he retired in 1921.

Salsbury was also active in his new city. He served as an alderman for Ward 1 from 1893 to 1894 and was an advocate and charter member of the Vancouver General Hospital in 1901.

Salsbury was also one of the first CPR officials to build in the newly-developed Shaughnessy district.

He hired architect A.A. Cox to design this house in 1912.

This Mission Revival style home features stucco cladding, moulded stucco trim and a curvilinear gable end.

The tall trees and thick hedges, and in some cases massive fences, were not there when these homes were originally built. Can you imagine how imposing these mansions would have been when they were first constructed? It would almost be like the residents of these homes were royalty.

William Ferriman Salsbury passed away on January 1, 1938 in Victoria, Canada. There is a street near where I live that was named after him.

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I hope you find the beauty around you.

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