Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Haunting of The Hycroft

Looking at these bright, sunny photos of the grounds of the Hycroft Manor it is difficult to believe that the house is home to a few ghosts. But it apparently is.

As you may remember from Friday's post, the McRaes sold the manor to the federal government in 1942 for the sum of one dollar. Shortly after the sale Mrs. McRae died and Senator McRae followed four years later.

Some visitors to the manor have reported seeing a man in a World War I General's uniform wandering around the halls of Hycroft. Perhaps A.D. McRae just can't leave the home that was built for him and his family.

Others have seen apparition of a lady dressed in early 20th century attire strolling through the rooms and this is thought to be Mrs. McRae.

As previously stated, the government used the Hycroft as a hospital for war veterans until 1960. And not all of these residents have left the building either.

Apparitions of nurses dressed in attire of the period have been seen as have at least three veterans. Sounds of a man crying have also been heard.

Many people want fame and to be in the movies and seems that the ghosts of the Hycroft are no different. They seem to be more active when film crews are using the manor yet quieter when parties and social events are being held. Or maybe the spirits don't like the entertainment business. If I ever meet one of the ghosts I'll ask.

Although the Hycroft is owned by the University Women's Club of Vancouver, it is available to be rented out for business functions, weddings and other meetings. And I think having your event at this mansion would make it memorable.

The UWCV also hosts numerous events at the manor which are open to non members. For a complete list visit the site where you can also get rental information.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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