Monday, October 10, 2011

Beautiful Bute

I have one more house to show you on Bute Street. This one is at 1104 and was built in 1893 by Lister Nevill Smith and occupied by the Smith family until 1911.

Interesting note is that this Victorian house originally fronted onto Pendrell Street and occupied the entire lot along Bute to the lane with a stable where the house now sits.

In 1907, owner Percy Neville Smith probably moved the house to where it is now and by the next year he had subdivided the lot into four sections on which he built three identical Edwardian houses and proceeded to rent them out.

An assistant relief officer with Associate Charities, George W. S. Withers, was renting 1104 Bute in 1911.

In 1928 the house was remodelled  into a rooming house with more additions added around 1939. With further remodelling and additions over the next decades little remains of the original house although the current owner kept most of the former additions along with the shingle detail on the gable ends.

This next house that I am going to show you is one that I wrote on in September but I didn't have a lot of great pictures so I took more photos of 1139 Pendrell Street.

This home was built in 1889 and resembles the famous 'painted ladies' homes of San Francisco. If you missed the original blog entry or would like to refresh your memory then click the link.
A short stroll from  here is 1115 and 1117 Pendrell Street.

Little is known of the original house that sat on this property except that it was built around 1902 and either burnt down or was demolished around 1961 which was four years after the City of Vancouver purchased it.

This house is the Leslie Lane House which is a Victorian cottage that was built in 1901 as a stable behind Umberto's Yellow House restaurant on Hornby Street. It was donated to the Vancouver Heritage Foundation and moved to this site during the renovation of the block. It was restored by the Heritage Foundation and converted to two strata units which were sold as a fundraising venture.

I would have liked to get better photos of this home but it is private property and I don't cross those boundaries.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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